Dread tools of the trade! They help to create tight, neat dreads fast and makes dread maintenance easy.

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Inflatable Basin + Bi carb Soak

Inflatable Basin for dreadlocks + a Dread Soak ~ Choose from 3 flavours

Regular price A$45.45 -A$5.00 Price A$40.45

Inflatable Basin + Bi carb Soak

Regular price A$45.45 -A$5.00 Price A$40.45

Dread Comb

The perfect comb for backcombing! Use this when you are installing dreadlocks or when performing maintenance such as re...

Price A$9.00

Latch Hook for installing extensions

This latch hook makes installing single ended extensions easy.

Price A$12.00

Hair Extension Clips - 10 Pack

These clips make for quick, easy and temporary installation of Dreadlock Extensions.

Price A$6.95

Pro Elastics

Available in two sizes - Regular are our tiny, slim line elastics perfect for sectioning and tieing new dreads at the base...

Price A$4.50

0.5mm Triple Crochet Hook

Speed up the process of making dreads with our 0.5mm triple crochet hook.

Price A$14.95

0.6mm Crochet Hook

Our 0.6mm hooks are the perfect size to create and maintain dreadlocks.
Price A$9.95

0.6mm Double Crochet Hook

Our 0.6mm dreading crochet hook is now twice as good! Two hooks makes creating and maintaining dreads a breeze. This listing...

Price A$13.95

0.6mm Double + 0.6mm Single Crochet Hook Combo

The best of both worlds! The double crochet hook is perfect for making dreads and the single hook will allow you to refine...

Price A$18.95

0.75mm Crochet Hook

Our 0.75mm hooks are the perfect size to create dreadlocks.

Price A$9.95

Stainless Steel 0.6mm Crochet Hook

0.6mm steel hooks are perfect for making and maintaining dreadlocks. Being stainless steel and with the hook and handle...

Price A$19.00