The crème de la crème of dreadlock extensions! Our human hair dreadlocks are 100% human hair using the highest quality Remy hair available. We start by backcombing and hand crocheting to form the dreadlock using strands of hair which are approximately 20cm long. As we work our way down the length of the dreadlock, we add more hair as needed to achieve the desired length. This is the same method many locticians use to add more length when creating dreadlocks. They are crocheted to the extent which ensures they are durable and won't fall apart and can be seamlessly connected to both new or mature dreadlocks. 

What to expect

Once installed, providing you have a good colour match the join will be seamless. Just like your own dreaded hair, as they mature and in time, they will become a little more flexible. Handling them as you would your own dreads helps to speed this process up - tie them back, wear them in buns, shampoo and swim as normal. Because of the chemicals the extensions have been exposed to when initially sanitised and colour treated and due to coming from various sources, the hair may be less hydrated and therefore, the dreadlocks may feel a little more prickly than your own dreaded hair. The use of the Dread Empire Conditioning Spray and Quench Conditioning Oils is a great way to ensure they remain hydrated and in good condition. For those with super sensitive skin and therefore want a very soft and supple extension our wool dreadlocks are worth considering.

Shampoo your dreadlock extensions as normal and we offer a huge range of Dread Empire shampoos which are organic, deeply cleaniing and will leave your dreads tight and healthy. Loose hairs will escape from your dreadlocks from time to time and particularly after shampooing. Use a 0.6mm hook to pull the loose hair back into the dreadlocks. Palm roll regularly with downward pressue to help shape the dreads and minimise excessive shrinking.

For those with super sensitive skin and therefore want the softest and most supple extensions available, our wool dreadlocks are worth considering. They don't quite look as authentic as human hair dreads but they aren't far off and wool felted dreadlocks are becoming a popular option.

Can you dye or tone human hair dreadlocks? (including the use of purple shampoo)

Being human hair, these dreadlocks can be dyed. However, we do caution that it can be tricky to achieve the desired colour when colouring any type of human hair extension. This is because human hair (unless classed as virgin hair) goes through a chemical sanitation process, then it is lightened and permanently dyed and of course, it will come from various sources too. We recommend a professional colour specialist is consulted if you would like to dye your extensions and please note, we are not able to accept returns or refunds for extensions which have been dyed. With this said, plenty of our customers have successfully dyed their human hair dreadlocks and have achieved great results - here are some of the colour transformations.

And what about the use of purple shampoo? Our light blondes respond well to purple shampoo and it does a good job in neutrilising the yellow tone. Use only as needed and ensure they are rinsed well. Between purple shampoo's be sure to use a good quality dreadlock shampoo to eliminate build up.

How to permanently lengthen existing dreads using crocheted dreadlock extensions

The extensions come with one end round and blunt whilst the other end is undreaded and wispy. Either end can be used to attach the extension so you can choose how you want the end of your dreadlocks to be finished, ie blunt or wispy.

To attach the extension, you essentially need to create an overlap. There's a few ways to do this and we recommend that you start by fanning out the loose ends of your own dreads. Nestle the top blunt end of the extension in this fanned out hair and then crochet the loose hairs from your dread into the extension. 

The above method means you are using the blunt end to attach but you can of course, do it in reverse. So fan out the undreaded end of the extension, nestle your own dreadlock in this fanned out section and crochet the extension hair into your dread. 

Tip: 0.6 or 0.75mm crochet hooks are available here. Dread Dust may also come in handy, particularly  if your hair is soft and straight and reluctant to knot. With a little Dread Dust on your finger tips, tease the fanned out hair a little by rubbing the hair between your finger. The Dust will texturise the hair and encourage knotting whilst you are pulling the loose hair into the extension. Dread Dust is available here.

The below video demonstrates attachment using a crocheted synthetic extension however, the same principle applies when attaching a human hair extension.

How to permanently install crocheted dreads into undreaded hair

If your hair is short to shoulder length, rather than dreading your own hair completely first and then attaching the extensions, as an atlernative method, you may wish to dread your own hair and attach the extension at the same time. This video by @mommy_got_lash and @DreadlocksByMuffins demonstrates just how to do this using our human hair dreadlock extensions. 

Step 1: Section hair.

Step 2: Backcomb a section of hair and open up the middle to create a nest like shape. Dread Combs are available here. The Dread Dust may also come in handy at this point as it texturises the hair, gives the comb something to grip to and makes the backcombing and knotting much easier. Only a small amount of Dread Dust is needed and this can be applied by sprinkling the Dust onto a hard surface, press your finger tips into it and run the Dust through the your hair before backcombing. Dread Dust is available here.

Step 3: Nestle the extension in the nest of backcombed hair and spread the backcombed hair around the extension. Use a crochet hook to then draw the loose backcombed hair into the extension. This will effectively join the extension to your own hair. Continue crocheting down to the base in order to condense the backcombed hair and form the dread.

Can I temporarily wear these in undreaded hair?

Whilst Human Hair Dreadlocks are typically used to lengthen existing dreads, some of our customers turn these into Single Ended dreads but pushing a thick needle through the top of the extension to create a small loop. Extension clips are another way to temporarily wear them. We also offer custom orders and can make Double Ended human hair extensions for braiding in. If you would like a quote, please email with your requirements.