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Double + 0.6mm Single Crochet Hook Combo

Dread Empire
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The best of both worlds! The double crochet hook is perfect for making dreads and the single hook will allow you to refine the new dreadlock and maintain your dreadlocks ongoing.


This double hook speeds up the dread making process and will fast track your dreadlocks to maturity as it allows you to easily and efficiently create knots within the centre of the dread. After kickstarting the dreadlock with this double hook, switch to the single hook which will allow you to refine the newly formed dread.

Inclusions: 1 x 0.6mm Single Crochet Hook + 1 x Double Crochet Hook (please note, 0.5mm is printed on the Double Hook but the actual hook size sits somewhere between 0.5 and 0.6mm which is perfect for dreadlock making and maintenance)

Installation: After backcombing a section of hair, use this double hook to condense and bring the hair in to create the dreadlock. Do this by pushing the hook through the section of wadded backcombed hair, grab a few hairs then pull the hairs into the dread and tip the handle of the hook upwards to release the hair. The hook can also be pushed into the middle and pushed back and forth rigorously (but gently to avoid breakage) to create knotting and locking up in the middle of the dread. After condensing the hair to form the dreadlock, a single hook can be used to refine the dreadlock.

Maintenance: It is generally recommended that the single hook be used for maintenance as a single hook will allow you to better target the stray hairs but with that said, some people successfully use the double hook to maintain particularly if their dreads are loose with a lot of stray hairs.


Alexandria   08/11/2019

No more blisters!!

These hooks are absolutely perfect, the handles just make dread maintenance so much more bearable! Before I found these I was using one with a really thin metal handle and I’d end up with blisters all over my thumb and index finger but these ones are a complete life saver!