Our Crocheted synthetic dreadlocks are the premium synthetic option! They look just like real dreadlocks and are made from highly quality Henlon synthetic hair. They are available in both single and double ends and can be braided into undreaded hair or used to permanently to extend the length of existing dreadlocks. They can easily be cut shorter and if more length is needed, they can be crocheted together.

What to expect

Crocheted Synthetic Dreadlocks look like the real deal! We use a synthetic hair called Henlon which is of premium quality and behaves much like human hair. Initially, you may find them to be a little stiff but with wear they do soften a little and become more flexible. They are of excellent quality so require little to no maintenance and can be worn over and over again if braided in and worn permanently if used to lengthen existing dreads.

You can swim and shower in them as you normally would. If you would like to keep them dry while showering and swimming, chances are your regular shower cap won't fit so we have developed a range of swim and shower caps to accommodate the extra bulk of dreadlocks here

Braided in dreadlocks can usually be worn for 1-3 months depending on how quickly your hair grows. Once you hair has grown out and the extension starts to drop, you may wish to remove and reinstall them.

Would you like to shorten them? These dreads are easy to cut shorter. Cut on a slight angel and then brush out the ends if desired. The hair may be quite crinkled but they can be straightened by placing a damp cloth of the ends then running a hair straightener over the top. Avoid applying the hair straightener directly to the synthetic hair to avoid the hair melting.

How to permanently lengthen existing dreads using crocheted dreadlock extensions

To attach the extension, you essentially need to create an overlap. There's a few ways to do this and we recommend that you start by cutting the loop off at the top of the extension. Then fan out the loose ends of your own dreads and nestle the top blunt end of the extension in this fanned out hair and then crochet the loose hairs from your dread into the extension. You can of course, do this in reverse as well if the ends of your own dreads are blunt and rounded. You would need to comb out the top of the extension so that it can be fanned out. Nestle the end of your dreadlock into the fanned out section and crochet the extension hair into your own dread to form the join. Tip: 0.6 or 0.75mm crochet hooks are the perfect size to do this and they're available here. The below video demonstrates the above method:

How to temporarily loop single ended extensions into undreaded hair for added volume or accents

This video demonstrates a Backcombed/Twist extension being used to add volume to existing dreads but a single ended crocheted extension could be used in the same manner.

How to braid crocheted dreadlock extensions into undreaded hair

The single enders are installed by pushing a section of your own hair through the loop at the top. Our Latch Hook makes pull the hair through the loop easy! Move the dread up to your scalp and split the bundle of your own hair in half so together with the extension, you now have 3 peices. You can then do either a regular plait or a blanket stitch braid as demonstrated in the video above to hold them in place. 

Double Enders can be plaited and blanket stitch braided in place as per the Single Ended dreadlocks. The only difference is that instead of using a loop, you are braiding the extension in at the half way point of the extension. Once installed and the other half of the extension is folded over, you will end up with 2 dreadlocks for every extension installed. 

SECURING THE BRAID: For the most discreet, long lasting and neatest finish our Nylon Dreadlock Extension Thread is the way to go! Once you braid as far down as you can, wrap a piece of thread around the extension and do a double knot then continue to wrap the thread over the ends of your hair and finish with another double knot. Be warned, it's fiddly work so it's a good idea to use a hair clip or sectioning clip to hold the braid in place whilst you tie the knots.

Another option is our Heavy Duty Pro Elastics. They're a quick easy way to tie off the braid. They are small and slimline and whilst durable, we recommend double banding (using two bands) on every braid.

CLIP INS: For an even quicker and more temproary installation, attach the dreadlock extensions to clips. We recommend using a fine tooth comb to tease up the hair at the base of your head where you plan on attach the clip as this will help prevent it from slipping down.

TIP: Avoid conditioning before installing the extensions as freshly conditioned smooth, sleek hair will make achieving a tight braid difficult. A light sprinkle of our Dread Dust onto the section of your own hair texturises the hair a little and make it easier to grip. 

How to install Double Enders in very short hair

This video demonstrates how Double Ended extensions are installed in short hair. Please note that the extensions used in this video are Backcombed & Twisted rather than crocheted however the method is the same.