Head Bands & Visors

Funky dreads bands in black and a range of super cool, ever evolving colours and dread visors made with dread heads in mind.

Head Band

**Buy 4 and get the 5th free **

If you place 5 or more head bands into your shopping cart the price will...

Price A$12.50

Dread Sock

The perfect way to keep long dreads back and outta of your way or wear the sock when sleeping to get your dreadlocks tame...

Price A$16.50

Head Band Wide

** Buy 3 and get the 4th free **

If you place 4 or more coloured head bands into the shopping cart the price will...

Price A$10.00

Chunky Knit Head Band

Our Chunky Knit Head Bands are nice and strudy making them a great way to keep your dreads back off your face while still...

Price A$14.00

Dread Visor

Dread Empire's Dread Visor is made especially to accommodate a head of dreads.

Price A$12.50

Head Wrap

100% cotton, the perfect headband for keeping dreadlocks, braids and big hair out of the way

Price A$16.50

Head Wrap

Price A$16.50