The Dread Shop's humble beginnings date back to 2001 when we jumped head first (literally!) into the world of dreads. It quickly became clear that there was limited dread products and services available in Australia and so began
Initially, we imported various brands of dreadlock products but we knew they could be made better. After years of research, trial and error, we developed our very own dreadlock hair care range which we dubbed Dread Empire. We are proud to say that Dread Empire is organic, affordable and incredibly effective in achieving tight, clean and healthy dreadlocks.
Our range has now expanded to include everyday conveniences, such as our Extra Large Swim & Shower Caps, which have previously not been available to dread heads. Dreadlock Extensions, whether it be a temporary braid in solution or a permanent way to extend the length of your existing dreads, have also become a core part of our business.

Do what’s right for you! There’s no right or wrong way to create and maintain dreads and every person's hair type is different, so what works for you may not work for others. Do you want neat, tight dreads in a hurry? Then we offer a range of products which can help achieve this. Do you prefer the messy, uninhibited, freeform look? Then that’s great too, perhaps all you need is a good residue free shampoo.

Only organic ingredients are used in the Dread Empire range. We do not use potentially harmful chemicals such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfates and silicones. A high quality range of essential oils have been carefully selected and blended to offer various benefits across the range. In order to meet Australian labelling standards we use the proper chemical names so don’t let that freak you out. For example, Cocamido Propyl Betaine is a coconut derived foaming agent we use in our shampoos.

Dread Empire products do not cause build up, mildew or rot. This is assuming you are following instructions, using the recommended quantities and of course, shampooing (and very importantly, rinsing!) as required. Now there is an exception to the concern regarding build up - wax and to a lesser degree the balm are more heavy duty products, designed to stay in your dreads in order to bind and tighten. Therefore, these produts are best suited to afro or dry, coarse hair types.

Our Team


Customer Service, Product Development & Artistic Director. Lucy has sported dreadlocks in one form or another for the past 20 years. Currently, the bottom half of her head is dreaded whilst the top half is testing out our latest range of braid in dreads.


Dread maker extraordinaire! Dan’s thick luscious locks were dreaded 3 years ago as captured in our How To Make Dreadlocks video. Dan’s locs quickly matured nicely and now his maintenance routine generally involves just a quick crochet here and there.


Dread Maker and Order Fulfillment. Kate got locked up 2 years ago and had our crocheted synthetic dread extensions attached for extra instant length. The extensions were the perfect match and blended seamlessly with her own dreads.


Meet our I.T. geek! Every online business needs one :) Nick’s first foray into dreadlocks was 18 years ago. Due to taking a part time role as a public servant, sadly they got the chop but he hopes to one day be dreaded once more.