10 x Crocheted Synthetic Double Ended Dreadlock Extensions (5 extensions when unfolded) 8-10mmm Thick

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High quality Henlon (synthetic) hair strands have been crocheted to create these extensions which has the exact same look and feel of real, natural dreadlocks. Braid them in to undreaded hair or crochet them to the bottom of existing dreads.


Our Crocheted Synthetic Dreadlock Extensions form our premium synthetic range. They look exactly like real dreadlocks, are the softest and most flexible type of synthetic dreadlock and require little to no maintenance. They can be braided into undreaded hair and worn 6-12 weeks depending on how quickly your hair grows. They can be attached to extension clips for quick and easy temporary installation. Alternatively, they can also be crocheted to the bottom of existing dreadlocks to add instant length or looped around the base of existing dreadlocks for instant volume and a pop of colour.

INCLUSIONS: 5 individual double ended synthetic extensions are included in this pack which is equivalent to 10 dreadlocks once folded and installed.

SIZE: These extensions are 50-55cm / 20-21" long when folded (total length 100-110cm in length) and are approximately 8-10mm thick. They can easily be cut shorter and likewise, can be lengthened by crocheting two dreadlocks together.

COLOURS: If you want a variety of colours, please select Blend and place a comment with the colours you want and how many of each colour.

HOW MANY DREADLOCKS DO I NEED FOR A FULL HEAD? On average, a full head will require about 50 dreadlocks (25 double ended extensions). If you prefer lots of volume, you may wish to consider as many as 60-70 dreadlocks.

OTHER ITEMS YOU MAY BE INTERESTED IN: Nylon Dreadlock Extension Thread is the perfect way to secure the extension - it's discreet, very strong and long lasting.

INSTALLATION ~ BRAIDING INTO UNDREADED HAIR: We recommend shampooing your hair before installation but do not use conditioner as this can make it difficult to achieve a tight plait. If your hair is particularly soft and silky and difficult to braid tightly, applying a small amount of Dread Dust to your finger tips will texturise the hair making gripping the hair for a nice tight plait much easier. Take a section of your own hair, place the dreadlock extension in the section at the half way point of the extension, split the bundle if your own hair in two and then using the extension as the third piece to braid or plait the extension in place. Either a regular three strand braid or blanket stitch braid can be used.

Our Nylon Dreadlock Extensions Thread is a great way to secure your dreadlock extension because it is discreet, very strong and long lasting and allows you to bind the ends of your own hair to the dread so it offers a neater finish. As you near the end of the braid, wrap the thread around the bottom of the braid capturing the ends of your hair and then tie off with a double knot. Pro Elastics are another option to secure the braids in place.

INSTALLATION ~ CLIPS: Attaching the extension to our extension clips will allow for quick and easy temporary install and removal of the dreadlocks.

Extensions can be permanently crocheted to the bottom of your existing dreads for instant length.

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** Crocheted extensions are available in a Human Hair version as well! Click here for more information. **

For more information on Extensions visit our Dreadlock Extensions FAQ page.