10 x Wool Dreadlocks (5 extensions, 10 dreadlocks when folded)

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Our super soft woollen dreadlocks can be braided into undreaded hair or used to extend the length of existing dreads.

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This listing is for 5 individual extensions which when folded and installed, will provide 10 dreadlocks. Our super soft wool dreadlock extensions can be braided into undreaded hair or used to extend the length of existing dreadlocks.

LOOK & FEEL: We use Merino wool and make our dreadlocks with irregular lumps and bumps to emulate the look of real dreads. They are the softest and most flexible type of dreadlock extension available. 

SIZE: Dreadlocks measure approximately 45-55cm (18.5" - 21.5") long. The thickness varies somewhat across the colour range as listed below. As these are handmade, please allow for variations to this.

White Thin ~ 8mm - 10mm
White Thick ~ 11mm - 14mm
Jasper Blonde ~ 10mm - 13mm
Sandy Brown ~ 10mm
Sandy Ombre ~ 10 - 12mm
Mid Brown ~ 10mm - 12mm
Walnut ~ 8mm - 10mm
Warm Brown ~ 10mm
Dark Brown ~ 10mm - 12mm
Teal, Magenta and Green ~ 10mm
Purple ~ 10mm - 13mm

COLOUR: The colours available will appear in the drop down box. If you want a variety of colours, please select Blend and leave a comment with the colours you want and how many of each. 

WEAR & CARE: Our wool dreadlocks will last indefinitely and if braided in, can be worn for many weeks and even months at a time, depending on how quickly your hair grows. Woollen dreadlocks can get wet and when shampooing, focus on your own braided hair and ensure the shampoo is rinsed out thoroughly. They do become quite heavy when wet but excess water can be squeezed out of the extensions. Our wool dreadlocks can also be used to extend existing dreads.

HOW MANY DO I NEED FOR A FULL HEAD? On average, most people will have about 50 dreads for a full head and more can be added for extra volume.

INSTALLATION: Wool dreadlocks can be braided into sections of your own hair. The video below demonstrates how our synthetic double enders are braided and the same method can be used for our woollen dreadlocks.