10 x Semi Crocheted Single Ended Dreadlock Extensions

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These extensions are the softest and most flexible synthetics yet! They are easy to braid into undreaded hair and are the perfect way to experiment with the dreaded look without ruining your own hair.

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INCLUSIONS: 10 individual synthetic dreadlock extensions. Approximately 55cm/21.5inches long and 8mm wide. 

THE LOOK: These extensions are made by crocheting the outer layer of hair and wrapping it around a bundle of undreaded hair. Whilst the twist is somewhat evident, the textured outer layer provides an authentic look. They are the softest and most flexible synthetic dreadlock available and require only occasional maintenance. 

COLOUR: The colours available appear in the drop down box. If you want a variety of colours, please select Blend and leave a comment with the colours you want and how many of each. 

WEAR & CARE: Our dreadlock extensions will last indefinitely and if braided in, can be worn for many weeks and even months at a time, depending on how quickly your hair grows. They can get wet, washed and shampooed as per your normal hair. Occasional maintenance may be required to tidy them up by either crocheting in any loose hairs or re heat sealing.

HOW MANY DO I NEED FOR A FULL HEAD? On average, most people have about 50 dreads for a full head and more if you want extra volume.

INSTALLATION: Braid them into your hair by pulling a section of your own hair through the loop at the top of the extension and then braiding the extension in place. Our Latch Hook makes pushing the hair through the hole so much easier and you may wish to consider our Heavy Duty Pro Elastics which are the perfect bands to secure them in place. If you would like to attach them to a clip for quick, temporary installation then we also have Extension Clips available. 

EXTENDING EXISTING DREADLOCKS: These extensions can be permanently crocheted to the bottom of existing dreadlocks to add length. Please note though that the twist is still somewhat evident and they may require occasional maintenance. Whilst our Human Hair and 100% Crocheted Synthetics are the premium choice when it comes to extending existing dreadlocks, if you don't mind the twist and a little more maintenance then these are still a good option. They can also be temporarily looped around the base of existing dreads to add volume and colour highlights.

For more detailed information about these extensions include video installation and maintenance demonstrations, please visit our Dreadlock Extensions FAQ page.

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Jessica  20/01/2021

Best Dread Shop in Australia

Quick, efficient Delivery. Products are AMAZING! This will forever be my dread shop.