DIY Human Hair Extensions - 100gm Weft Only

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We've tracked down the best type of human hair for dreadlock extensions! This listing includes a 100gm weft which is enough to make 20 - 45+ Extensions depending on their thickness.

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We are thrilled with the quality of this hair! Unlike many other human hair wefts on the market, the thickness of this hair is maintained down the entire length. There is no breakage, thinning or brittleness which is commonly found in hair wefts. Please note that the Blonde attracts a higher cost due to the expense of producing these lighter shades.

HOW MANY DREADS CAN I MAKE WITH ONE WEFT: How many dreads you end up with will be determined by how thick you make the dreads. If you are making thinner dreads (eg pencil thin or even thinner) you will most likely be able to make 45 or more. If they are thicker then you will end up with perhaps around 25 dreads.

LENGTH OF WEFT: The length of the hair is approximately 16 inches / 40cms. The exact technique you use to make the dreads will determine how much shrinkage you will get but expect to loose about a quarter to a third of the length. If you want the extension longer than what the length of the weft will produce, then you can always add more hair as you go to increase the length. Do this by cutting small bundles of hair from the weft and adding it to the dread as you work your way down the length backcombing and then crocheting.

REPAIRING & THICKENING EXISTING DREADS: In addition to making your own extenders, the weft can also be used to thicken existing dreads or reinforce and repair sections of your dreadlocks which have thinned out.

COLOUR: Being human hair, these extensions can be coloured and we suggest testing the colour on a small area to ensure you are happy with the results. Each persons hair will produce a slightly different result and keep in mind also that human hair goes through a chemical sanitation process which may effect colouring results. We recommend seeking advice from a hair salon or colour specialist for best product and process recommendations based on the colour you wish to achieve. We also recommend against lightening. Please note, that we only accept returns if extensions are unused and in their original packaging.

For more information on how to care for them, dye them and install click here.

WEFT ONLY: This listing is for the weft only but to view the listing which includes both the weft, Dread Dust and dreadlocking tools click here.

The following video tutorial demonstrates how to make and attach your own extensions.

For more information on Extensions visit our Dreadlock Extensions FAQ page.