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10 pck Human Hair Dreadlocks - OLD STOCK CLEARANCE

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Our clearance stock is massively reduced by 30%! This listing is for 10 individual extensions, we have only a limited range while stocks last. Whilst these are a little stiffer and less soft compared to that of our new human hair range, they do become more flexible with wear.


As we've recently revised our extension making techniques and sourced more consistent high quality human hair, our old stock is heavily reduced and on sale! Whilst we have made improvements with our new stock, rest assured, our clearance stock is still considered a high quality human hair dreadlock extension. We have received countless positive reviews over the years and many a loctician have used these extensions on their own clients.

LENGTH/SIZE: 40cm / 16" long and the approximate thickness is as per the image.

WHAT TO EXPECT: You'll find these extensions just slightly stiffer and less soft than our new range however, with wear, they become more flexible and softer in time. Shampooing them, wearing them up etc all contribute to the maturing process. The durability of these extensions is outstanding and they can be worn long term. We encourage you to review the dreadlocks when they arrive, check out the look and feel and even shampoo one to gain a better understanding of how they behave. We accept returns on only unused dreadlock extensions which are in their original condition - please contact us within 7 days of receiving your order if you wish to return them.

COLOUR & TONING: Human hair dreadlocks can be dyed, however, due to chemical sanitation, colouring and the hair originating from various sources, it can be difficult to achieve consistent results. We therefore, recommend a colour specialist is consulted. For more information and to check out some excellent colour transformations, click here. Our Blonde dreadlocks also respond well to purple shampoo if you wish to neutralise the yellow base colour. Use purple shampoo only as needed and ensure it is rinsed out well.

If you select Blend, please leave a comment with what colours and how many of each you would like.

MAINTENANCE: Shampoo your dreadlocks as normal. Our Dread Empire range of shampoo's deeply clean and create tight, healthy locs. It's normal for loose hairs to escape, particularly as they continue to mature and after shampooing, so use a 0.6mm crochet hook to pull the loose hairs back into the dread. Palm rolling regularly with downward pressure will help shape the dread and avoid excessive shrinking. Human hair extensions can become more dehydrated than your own hair so we recommend using Dread Empire's Conditioning Spray or Quench Conditioning Oils as needed.

CUSTOM ORDERS: If we don't have the colour or size to suit your needs, please email contact@dreadlocks.com.au with your requirements for a quote on a custom order.

INSTALLATION: Use a 0.6mm crochet hook to attach the extension to the bottom of your own dreadlock. One end of the extension is blunt/rounded whilst the other tapers off into an undreaded wispy end and either end can be used for attachment depending on how you would like the end of your dreads to be finished.

The below video demonstrates how to use extensions to extend existing dreadlocks. Please note that the human hair dreadlock extensions do not come with a loop. The extensions used in the video are our synthetic single ended dreadlock extensions.

Form more information, video demonstrations and different install methods of our human hair dreadlock extensions, click here.

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