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20 x Crocheted Human Hair Dreadlock Extensions (8mm thick)

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20 Individual Extensions. 100% Human Hair has been crocheted to create these extensions which can be used to instantly lengthen your existing dreads. 

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Our crocheted human hair dreads have been created with only a comb and crochet hook. No products, waxes or chemicals have been used in their creation. These extensions can be crocheted to the bottom of existing dreads for seamless and permanent length.

INCLUSIONS: 3 Individual crocheted human hair dreads. 

LENGTH/SIZE: Each dreads is approximately 40cm/16inches long which includes their tapered off, wispy ends. They are approximately 8 mm wide which is considered pencil thin. As these are hand made, there maybe small variations to this. These can easily be shortened or joined together to make a longer dread.

COLOUR: Being human hair, these extensions can be dyed however, it can be difficult to achieve the exact desired colour and tone with all types of human hair. This is because Human Hair goes through a chemical sanitation process, they are then lightened and dyed to achieve the target colour and the hair will also be coming from a number of sources and each persons hair may react slightly differently to dye. With this said, we have had numerous clients successfully colour their extensions and we recommend that a colour specialist or salon is consulted for advice if you wish to do so. We also do not recommend further lightening/bleaching as this can lead to dry, damaged hair. Please note, we can only accept returns if the dreadlock extensions are unaltered, unused and in their original condition. For more information and to see before and after colour transformations, click here.

If you select Blend, please leave a comment with what colours and how many of each you would like.

QUALITY, WEAR & CARE: Our dreads are hand made and crocheted tightly to make them suitable to attach to both brand new as well as mature dreadlocks. Initially the dreads may feel quite stiff but in time and with wear, we find that they soften up and become more flexible. In general, thin dreads are more flexible so if flexibility is important then you may wish to consider a custom order for a thinner set - we can make them any width down to 4mm wide. Our Dread Empire Conditioning Spray also helps to soften the extensions. Just like your own dreadlocks, some maintenance may need to be performed from time to time. A small crochet hook (available in our Tools section) can be used to pull loose hairs back into the dread.  The crocheted join will also continue to tighten and strengthen in time.

CUSTOM ORDERS: If we don't have the colour or size to suit your needs, please email contact@dreadlocks.com.au with your requirements for a quote on a custom order.

INSTALLATION: Extensions can be crocheted to the bottom of your existing dreads for instant length. We have the perfect size hook (0.6mm) available here. One end of the extension is blunt/rounded whilst the other tapers off into an undreaded wispy end. Either end can be used for attachment depending on how you would like the end of your dreads to be finished.

The below video demonstrates how to use extensions to extend existing dreadlocks. Please note that the human hair dreadlock extensions do not come with a loop. The extensions used in the video are our synthetic single ended dreadlock extensions.

For more information, video demonstrations and different install methods of our human hair dreadlock extensions, click here.

Need help deciding on what is the best extension for you? Click here to see the overview of our entire extension range.

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Tom  27/04/2021


Awesome, they look amazing