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Ultra Maintenance Kit

Dread Empire
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The Ultimate Kit includes all the products needs to create clean, healthy and mature dreadlocks.


Squeaky clean hair, free of oil and conditioning residues is the fastest, easiest and healthiest way to kick ass dreads... and Dread Empire Classic Shampoo is the answer! This baby is all natural and thoroughly cleansing by utilising plant and coconut derived ingredients.

Now create an environment in which dreads thrive by liberally spraying Dread Empire`s Dreadlock Accelerator through your dreads. Dreadlock Accelerator opens the hair cuticles and texturises the hair follicles.

And just a light sprinkle of Dread Dust will further texturize the hair strands and encourages the straightest of hair to bind, lock and knot. Shake a little Dread Dust onto a hard surface. Use finger tips to apply directly to loose hair just before dread balling or clockwise rubbing.

And here`s where you have a choice! Tightening Gel, Dread Balm or Dread Wax.

Tightening Gel: This is an Aloe Vera based light, wash out formula, it`s suitable for all hair types and is the most popular choice in this kit. It instantly tames loose hair and encourages locking and tightening. It`s smells delish and is a great way to freshen up a head of dreads.

Dread Balm: Balm binds, neatens and deeply conditions. For this reason it is recommended for use in mature dreadlocks only. Macadamia and Sweet Orange oil makes for a deliciously creamy texture which goes on super smooth.

Dread Wax: Was has super binding and hold ability. It tames loose frizzy hair and tightens dreadlocks in the process. It is packed with Hemp Seed Oil, Bees Wax and essential fatty acids and vitamins and is best suited for afro hair or thick, curly and coarse hair types. It is designed to stay put so for this reason we caution that it should only be used sparingly and as needed.


Classic Shampoo 400ml
Your choice of Dread Wax, Tighteing Gel or Dread Balm 150gms
Dreadlock Accelerator 400ml
Dread Dust 35gms
10x Silver Dread Cuffs (please treat cuffs as you would costume jewellery, it is best to remove before exposing them to water, salt water and salt based products to avoid them tarnishing or rusting)

Use only as directed and discontinue use if irritation occurs. Dispose 
of product 12 months after opening.

Use only as directed and discontinue use if irritation occurs. Dispose of product 12 months after opening.


Naomi  23/04/2020

Fantastic products

This is a fabulous assortment of all the products you need to get, and keep, your dreads looking amazing. Great prices too!