30 x Crocheted Single Ended Dreadlock Extensions

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High quality kanekalon (synthetic) hair strands have been crocheted to create these extensions which has the exact same look and feel of real, natural dreadlocks. They can be used to lengthen existing dreads or braided into undreaded hair.

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Crocheted extensions look and feel exactly like real, natural dreads and can be used to instantly add length to your existing head of dreads. Alternatively, they can be braided into undreaded hair. They are light weight, flexible and very durable as they are 100% crocheted without any twisting.  

30 individual single ended extensions are included in this pack. 50cm long, 1-1.2cm wide. If you don't need the length, they can be cut in half giving you double the amount of dreads.

If you select Blend, 
please place a comment with the colours you want and how many of each colour.

Extensions can be permanently crocheted to the bottom of your existing dreads for instant length. Alterntively, the loop at the top of the extension can be temporarily looped into the base of existing dreads for instant volume and length.

This video demonstrates how to use the extensions to lengthen your dreadlocks:

This video demonstrates how to loop them into the base of your existing dreads for quick, temporary volume, length or colour:


1. Push a section of your own hair through the loop at the top of the extension. Our Latch Hook makes pushing the hair through the hole so much easier.

2. Now push the extension up to your scalp, split your own hair in two so you have three pieces including the extension, and braid / plait the extension and your own hair together. Avoid conditioning your hair before you install as conditioned hair is soft and slippery making it difficult to achieve a tight plait. You might want to also consider applying a small amount of our Dread Dust to your own hair before you braid. Dread Dust will texturize the hair and give you something to grip on to so a tight plait can be achieved..

3. Our Heavy Duty Pro Elastics are the perfect poly band to secure the braid and extension in place and are available in both Clear and Black.

Alternatively, you can stitch the extensions to an Extension Clip for quick, easy and temporary installation.

Just like real dreadlocks, some maintenance may need to be performed from time to time and we highly recommend the use of a Dreading Hook.

Crocheted extensions are now available in a Human Hair version as well! Click here for more information.

For more information on Extensions visit our Dreadlock Extensions FAQ page.