10 x Thin Backcombed/Twist Single Ended Dreadlock Extensions

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These synthetic extensions have been created using a combination of backcombing and twisting. If you are not sure if dreads are for you or you change your look often, then these are a great option!

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INCLUSIONS: 10 individual extensions. 50cm long and approximately 5-6mm wide or pencil thin.

THE LOOK: These extensions are made with both a backcomb and twist method. Whilst the twist is still evident, the backcombing does texturise the hair. These are one of our most popular extensions due to their quality and affordability, but If having the extensions look exactly like real, natural dreadlocks is important to you and you would prefer to do next to no maintenance, then you may want to consider our Crocheted extensions. 

COLOUR: The colours available appear in the drop down box above. If you select Blend, please leave a comment with the colours you want and how many of each. These dreadlocks can not be dyed using regular hair dyes. Some of our customers have successfully coloured these dreads using acrylic dye however, we can not offer any advice regarding this. Please note that returns can only be accepted if the dreadlocks are unused and in their original state/condition.

WEAR & CARE: Our dreadlock extensions can be worn for many weeks and even months at a time, depending on how quickly your hair grows. They can get wet, washed and shampooed as per your normal hair. When washing, we recommend you focus on your scalp and handle the dreadlocks with care. Maintenance will be required as over time it is normal for the twist to loosen and hairs will escape adding to the fuzzy texture. For maintenance techniques and video demonstrations, please go to our Dreadlocks FAQ page.

HOW MANY DO I NEED FOR A FULL HEAD? On average, most people have about 50 dreads for a full head. Because these are thinner dreads you may wish to consider more, particularly if you want volume.

1. Push a section of your own hair through the loop at the top of the extension. Our Latch Hook makes pushing the hair through the hole so much easier. 

2. Now push the extension up to your scalp, split your own hair in two so you have three pieces including the extension, and braid / plait the extension and your own hair together. Avoid conditioning your hair before you install as conditioned hair is soft and slippery making it difficult to achieve a tight plait. You might want to also consider applying a small amount of our Dread Dust to your own hair before you braid. Dread Dust will texturize the hair and give you something to grip on to so a tight plait can be achieved..

3. Secure the braid with a hair elastic. Our Heavy Duty Pro Elastics are the perfect poly band to secure the braid and extension in place.

Alternatively, you can stitch the extensions to an Extension Clip for quick, easy and temporary installation.

It is recommended that the Crocheted Extensions are used if you want to add length to existing dreads as Crocheted Extensions can be permanently attached to the bottom of your own dreads by crocheting. If however, you want to quickly and temporarily add volume, length or colour, then they can be looped into the base of each dread as demonstrated in this video:

For more information on Extensions visit our Dreadlock Extensions FAQ page.