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Hello Motley Crew! Here are are a bunch of products significantly discounted primarily due to damaged packaging. There are very limited numbers, so be quick to grab yourself a bagin. Reduced by more than 50%! Choose product from the drop down and click Add to Cart to view price.

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Please see the drop down options for the products available. These items are still effective and it is just the packaging that has been damaged or missing. When you select an item then click on 'Add to Cart' the price will update dependent on the product. The pricing is as follows:

Classic Shampoo $9ea
Conditioning Spray $7ea (missing spray nozzle but can be transfered to your own spray bottle)
Anti Dandruff Shampoo $10ea

There are very limited numbers and we will do our best to keep the quantities accurate. In the event an item sells out and you have just purchased it, we can provide a full refund straight away.

Please note, refunds or exchanges are not available on these purchases.