Quick Facts

* Available in Human Hair or high quality Kanekalon synthetic.

* They are made with only a crochet hook. No chemicals, waxes or other products are used.

* They look 100% authentic, just like real dreadlocks.

* Synthetic extensions are available in Double or Single Ends.

* Permanently extend real dreads or braid in undreaded hair.

* Doubles can also be temporarily installed in very short hair (4cms or so).

* Can be cut shorter or lengthened by joining two together.

* Swim, shower and shampoo as normal.

* Will last indefinitely. If braided in, they will need to be removed and reinstalled every 2-3 months.

Synthetic vs Human Hair

Visiually it is difficult to tell the difference between Human Hair and Synthetic Crocheted dreadlocks. Human hair is slightly softer and more flexible and will behave and mature similar to your own hair. Our synthetic dreadlocks are of course, more affordable. Human hair can be dyed, however, since it has been chemically treated results are unreliable and a professional colourist should be consulted for this. Synthetic hair can not be dyed and they are heat sensitive. 

How to permanently lengthen existing dreads using crocheted dreadlock extensions

Cut the loop off at the top or cut the double ended extension to length and fan the hair out to create a nest like shape at the top. Insert the end of your real dreadlock into the nest and smooth the hair from the extension over your dreadlock to create an overlap. Now you can then either Stitch it in place or Crochet it in place. Crocheting it in place creates a permanent join whilst stitching it means they can more easily be detached.

If the ends of your own dreads tend to be more loose and whispy, there's no reason why you can't do it in reverse. So fan out the end of your own dread and nestle the dreadlock extension in the fanned out section.

This video demonstrates the above method:

How to permanently install crocheted dreads into undreaded hair

If your hair is short to shoulder length, rather than dreading your own hair completely first and then attaching the extensions, as an atlernative method, you may wish to dread your own hair and attach the extension at the same time. This video by @mommy_got_lash and @DreadlocksByMuffins demonstrates just how to do this using our human hair dreadlock extensions. 

Step 1: Section hair.

Step 2: Backcomb a section of hair and open up the middle to create a nest like shape.

Step 3: Nestle the extension in the nest of backcombed hair and spread the backcombed hair around the extension. Use a crochet hook to then draw the loose backcombed hair into the extension. This will effectively join the extension to your own hair. Continue crocheting down to the base in order to condense the backcombed hair and form the dread.

How to temporarily loop single ended extensions into undreaded hair for added volume or accents

This video demonstrates a Backcombed/Twist extension being used to add volume to existing dreads but a single ended crocheted extension could be used in the same manner.

How to braid crocheted dreadlock extensions into undreaded hair

The single enders are installed by pushing a section of your own hair through the loop at the top. The Latch Hook is a great tool to pull the section of your own hair through the loop. Move the dread up to your scalp then plait them in place and secure with thread or a rubber band. The Heavy Duty Pro Elastics are a great band to use. They strong and durable yet small and slimline. The double enders are installed by braiding them in place and then the other half is folded over to give you two dreads for every extension installed.

Avoid conditioning before installing the extensions as freshly conditioned smooth, sleek hair will make achieving a tight braid difficult. A light sprinkle of our Dread Dust onto the section of your own hair texturises the hair and makes it slightly tacky. This will give you something to grip on when tightly plaiting.

How to install Double Enders in very short hair

This video demonstrates how Double Ended extensions are installed in short hair. Please note that the extensions used in this video are Backcombed & Twisted rather than crocheted however the method is the same.

Our Range of Crocheted Dreadlock Extensions

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