About us

Welcome to THE DREAD SHOP!

Dreadlocks Hair Care's humble beginnings date back to 2001 when my very own set of dreadlings were born. After scouring the Aussie market and ending up having to import some dread gear from the US I knew it was high time the dread heads of Australia needed the hair care options that our undreaded friends had.

We began by importing DreadheadHQ and Knotty Boy from the states and it wasn’t long before we were compelled to develop our own, all natural product line.  Dread Empire has been developed by us, the wearers and carers of dreadlocks and we have deliberately embodied the best characteristics from our counterparts, Knotty Boy and DreadheadHQ.  As a result, Dread Empire delivers the ultimate in dreadlock care with it’s all natural qualities, its value for money and proudly it's Australian made.

The Dread Shop has now gone international and we now ship all over the world. We are passionate about good ol’ customer service and make a point of replying to enquiries and delivering orders in a speedy manner.  Our products are made just for dreadlocks and we strive to continue developing and enhancing our range giving you the variety of maintenance options that this style deserves!   

If you have any questions or comments we’d love to hear from you.  So please, don’t hesitate in dropping us a line via our contact page.


Owner & Operator ~ Dreadlocks Hair Care (trading as The Dread Shop)