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SECONDS ~ 50cm Dread Empire Dread Tie

Dread Empire
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Heavily discounted due to not passing quality inspections but they are still usable. Scroll down for more information.

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SECONDS: These ties are heavily discounted because they haven't passed the quality inspection. In most cases, this is because the internal wire does not come to the end of the tie so the last couple of inches are floppy. In other cases, the wire has come just slightly too far and is only just visible at the end (this predominantly effects the Moss coloured ties). In both cases, this doesn't affect their use providing you've followed the size guide and have the right size for your volume of dreads. Please note, these are not eligible to be returned or refunded.

We use high quality New Zealand wool and finish the tie off with a tapestry criss cross thread. They are soft and won't snag your hair yet still sturdy enough to secure your dreadlocks up and out of the way. 

These ties measure 50cm long and approximately 1cm thick - being handmade there may be small variations to this.

Size Guide:
40cm long Dread Ties are ideal for thinner dreads with less volume or for tieing back only some of your dreads.
50cm long Dread Ties are ideal for holding dreadlocks in a pony tail.
60cm long Dread Ties are ideal for tieing back thick dreads in a pony or for wrapping them around a dread bun.

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Leroy  10/06/2021


Could not tell the difference in quality from the “seconds” to the regular batch. I’m still using both types without any signs of lesser quality.