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A Guide to Maintaining Mature Dreadlocks

Are your dreads finally at the stage were they are firm to touch and feel like soft cotton rope?! Then wohooo, they're mature! Mature dread ... more

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2014-04-07 10:35:36,   0 comments

Neaten Up Messy Dreads

The main culprit of messy dreads is loose, fly away hair which have come free from the dread. All good if you are happy with the messy look ... more

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2013-09-30 12:56:52,   0 comments

My dreads are loose! How do I tighten them?

If your dreads are only dreadlings (say less than 3 months old or so) it’s quite normal for them to be loose and it just means they havenâ ... more

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2013-07-15 12:10:39,   2 comments

Dreadlock Creation Methods

How do you make dreadlocks is one of the most commonly asked questions we get – both via our website and even when we are walking down the ... more

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2013-07-01 21:28:22,   0 comments

How To Make Your Dreadlocks Thicker

Essentially, the more hair in each dreadlock the thicker it will be so if you want to make your dreads thicker you have to work out a way to ... more

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2013-06-03 15:53:14,   0 comments

Wax, Wax, Wax

Wax, Wax, Wax

We get various questions about the ins and outs of Dread Wax so this article covers it all – To wax or not to wax? How to wax? And how do ... more

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2013-05-20 15:45:59,   2 comments



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